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Our Company

Pivotal Metals Limited (ASX:PVT) is a global developer and explorer of world class mineral deposits considered critical to an ever increasing technologically driven world economy.


Pivotal Metals is building an exciting portfolio of high impact exploration in the Belleterre-Angliers Greenstone Belt located in the mining friendly jurisdiction of Quebec. The Company holds 157.4km2 of claims hosting shallow high grade mineralisation containing nickel, copper and platinum group metals hosted in sulphides. Historic work confirms that the area is widely mineralised and the Company is now putting together a regional programme to focus on a number of exciting anomalies as possible sources for these shallower deposits.



Pivotal Metals has brought together two historic tungsten and tin mines in Galicia, located in the north-west of Spain. The two mines; San Finx and Santa Comba offer tremendous upside with proven production and well understood resources. Operational synergies exist making the portfolio extremely attractive with a good mix of both tin and tungsten, metals critical to the European economies and highly vulnerable to supply chain disruptions. The Company is working to reopen both mines and offer end-users a long term reliable and environmentally responsible supply, thereby displacing Far East supplies that have already seen significant price rises due to geopolitical events.